International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care

IATSIC International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care


Newsletter December 2015

Manjul K. Joshipura, President IATSIC

It was a great honour for me to take over as President of IATSIC at WCS in Bangkok. I take this opportunity to congratulate the new officers in the executive team and welcome the new members of IATSIC. Hayato Kurihara (Italy) has taken over as our Secretary / Treasurer as Tina Gaarder (Norway) is now our President Elect.

Bangkok conference was a huge success and IATSIC sessions attracted large number of delegates. Donald Trunkey Lecture at Bangkok was delivered by Prof. Basil Pruitt. This was a fascinating session on Military-Civilian Surgical Symbiosis. Coming from a genuine expert in the field, this session was very interesting and insightful on the historical context of trauma and emergency surgery.

I would like to thank Charlie Mock, who did a terrific job in putting together our scientific programme at Bangkok and of course, for very efficiently running the office of the President during past two years.

This year, at our business meeting we approved some constitutional changes to make IATSIC more inclusive. Keeping in mind the overall new membership eligibility criteria for ISS, we too have allowed all those ISS members - even our non-surgeon colleagues - interested in the field of trauma and emergency surgery and critical care to join us as our members. We have also attempted to strengthen our educational initiatives by formalizing the leadership structure and their roles at DSTC committee. We have also now included NTMC chairperson to be part of our council. Hopefully all these changes would help us expand our membership, offer impetus to our educational courses and make us more relevant globally in trauma community. I want to place on record, the untiring efforts by the council members who contributed to the long deliberations for these constitutional reforms that received unanimous support from our membership at large, in Bangkok.

I will be happy to receive your suggestions and inputs for WCS 2017, our courses, any advocacy effort and anything else to strengthen IATSIC in general.

Please accept my best wishes for 2016 !