DATC Course Program


DATC courses are not stand alone courses, they are always arranged in conjunction with DSTC courses (however, some DSTC courses are still arranged without  DATC content). The topics listed below are regarded as core content and should always be covered during the course. The educational format can be in the form of lectures, discussions, cases, live tissue training and simulation. There will, and should be variations between course sites, but the core DATC content should be identifiable between sites.



Core curriculum of the DATC course

  • Knowledge of the standard surgical procedures used in traumatology – indications and consequences for practice of anaesthesia

  • Communication in the team – primary focus on physiology and planning

  • Trauma anaesthesia, massive transfusion, shock and coagulation, DCR, DCS

  • Practical conduct of trauma anaesthesia, monitoring and laboratory exams

  • Practical procedures