DSTC / DATC Course Application


DSTC/DATC Course Organizers are to apply for authorisation of their course.


Please read the below guidelines and submit all necessary documents as this will be pertinent for the Course Authorisation.

General Guidelines for the Course Application


Full application documents must be received at least 90 days prior to the course dates at the IATSIC/DSTC Secretariat.



The following documents must be submitted with your application to process the Course Authorisation by the DSTC Committee:


Ethics Certificate (Surgical Skills Lab)

  • Must be in English or accompanied by an English translation (by an independent entity, i.e. University, local Authority, independent Veterinary etc.)

  • Must include confirmation of the trials (i.e. non-recovery, fully anesthetized)

  • Must include an Expiry Date


Faculty Listing

  • Must include DSTC and DATC (if applicable) Faculty names (DSTC and DATC Course Directors are to be specifically indicated). DSTC as well as DATC Course Directors must be current members of IATSIC.

  • Information of Category of Faculty Members (International, National, Guest, Anesthesia). Only confirmed International Faculty members may be amongst category International Faculty. All actual International Faculty members are listed here.

  • Must include an External Faculty Member


Course Time Table

  • Must contain core curriculum and mandatory lectures (e.g. Ethics Lecture)

  • DSTC recommendation is to have two animal labs during the course




Proceed to the DSTC/DATC Course Application Form