IATSIC Membership


Membership Information & Application


The International Association for the Surgery of Trauma and Intensive Care IATSIC has been founded in 1989 during the biennial congress of the International Society of Surgery ISS/SIC in Toronto, Canada as an Integrated Society of ISS/SIC, stressing the commitment to trauma and to surgical intensive care. Members of IATSIC must also become members of the umbrella organization ISS/SIC.

Included in the IATSIC & ISS/SIC Membership is the subscription to World Journal of Surgery WJS (12 issues per year) as well as online access to 9 additional surgical Springer journals.

Membership in the organization shall be limited to surgeons of good professional standing, who have a major interest and an active practice in trauma surgery and/or intensive care. Contributions to the scientific literature pertinent to trauma surgery and intensive care will be an important factor in determining membership.

The standardized application form for active membership must be submitted to the Membership Committee of ISS/SIC & IATSIC. The application form must be accompanied by a current curriculum vitae and include publications, as well as e-mail addresses of two sponsors, who must be members of ISS/SIC, with at least one being a member of IATSIC. Copies will be sent to the two sponsors to provide their confirmation by e-mail. The Membership Committee shall review the application and make a recommendation for membership. The committee has the right to accept or reject application for membership in the association. Once the application has been approved, the IATSIC office shall process all relevant documentation and inform the new member accordingly.

The International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care IATSIC is an Integrated Society of the International Society of Surgery ISS/SIC. Membership application for IATSIC therefore has to go through the application process of ISS/SIC membership. Do not forget to indicate in the ISS/SIC application process that you wish to become IATSIC member as well.

The application form for ISS/SIC & IATSIC membership can be found at: https://iss-sic.com/membership